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NEWS - June 2017:
To shorten the waiting Time we have a Gift for all our Fans.
"Zentriert ins Antlitz - A Part Of Regression" 36,25min EP

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Regression


After many trains of thought we have changed our new longplayer "Tearswitcher"
from "Zentriert ins Antlitz" to a "Innovation Reality" release.
Why this? Because "Tearswitcher" sounds in our mind not like "Zentriert ins Antlitz".
Too soft, too melodic, too slowly, too spacey and too much feelings.
It`s not fair to release an Album like this as "Zentriert ins Antlitz" and disgust all people which await a new CD like "No" or anything like other "ZIA" releases.

The conclusion of all these scenarios:
"Innovation Reality - Tearswitcher" is now completly "FREE" like "Diametral"
Download your personal copy of "Tearswitcher" in 24bit/96khz High Resolution FLAC.
Due to faster internet connections we see no more sense in "lossy" downloads like MP3, OGG, AAC or anything else.We will no longer offer this from today.Exceptions are only older releases.
For all Fans of Disc burning, you can also download the printable CD-Cover as High-Res-PDF.

INNOVATION REALITY - TEARSWITCHER (24bit/96khz) 2013 Innovation Reality - Tearswitcher

Re-Dreamer - 05,44 min
Sunlights Falling - 07,38 min
Tearswitcher - 04,17 min
The Teaser - 03,13 min
Occupy - 06,28 min
The Routing - 04,56 min
The Drain - 06,26 min
... not for Ever - 07,49 min
A Space Contact Opera - 15,17 min
Pasiphae (Original Version) - 12,28 min
Zheng - 03,03 min

also available ...
ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ - NONALGO (Maxi 12") (2012-2013)

Equinoxes 05,10min
The bare thought remains gloomy 08,53min
NEWS - November 2008

ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ - NO (Tympanik Audio) 2008

Zentriert ins Antlitz - …NO (CD1) Tracklist:

Phreneticus 05,27min
Today 04,45min
Where Their Dreams Live 07,23min
Silence Diary 05,51min
The Animals Hanging 01,27min
24th Dimension 07,36min
Cant Get Me 05,45min
Manage My Sensibility 09,32min
Shamisen Jangle 05,01min
Perphenazin 06,30min
... No 04,30min
The Final Walk 08,12min

Download the DE-Mutilator V2 to extract CD2 & CD3
from your Original "Zentriert ins Antlitz - No" AudioCD
Manual DE-Mutilator - German - English
The Manual is from DE-Mutilator V1 but the process is the same.

Zentriert ins Antlitz - …NO (CD2 – 7Dreams) Tracklist:

Where Their Dreams Live [Afterworld Mix by Integral] 06,06min
Where Their Dreams Live [Where Their Dreams Die Mix by Totakeke] 07,15min
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Access to Arasaka] 05,20min
Where Their Dreams Live [Sheer Athmo Mix by Zentriert ins Antlitz] 05,01min
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Stendeck] 04,44min
Where Their Dreams Live [Small Space mix by Lucidstatic] 05,00min
Where Their Dreams Live [Remixed by Subheim] 05,11min

Zentriert ins Antlitz - …NO (CD3 – Remixed) Tracklist:

Ewiniar [Bonus Track by Zentriert ins Antlitz] 05,55min
Silence Diary [Empty Pages Mix by Autoclav 1.1] 06,04min
Silence Diary [Remixed by Access to Arasaka] 04,53min
Perphenazin [Remixed by Disharmony] 06,28min
Perphenazin [Remixed byPandora's Black Book] 04,42min
Cant Get Me [Re-Dub by Zentriert ins Antlitz] 05,18min
Weekend [Bonus Track by Zentriert ins Antlitz] 07,29min
Jericho [CityState Mix by Unterm Rad] 03,55min

Running-Time Over 154min / incl.22 HighRes Wallpapers for 22" & 24" Wide Displays
incl. HighRes Booklet for CD2 & CD3

ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ - MUTILATE (De-Mutilated) - (Cop International) 2005

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Mutilate (CD1) Tracklist:

Come In 01,05 min
Off [Line] 04,20 min
My Enemy Inside 01,42 min
So Fucking Sick 04,21 min
Flesh & Flowers 02,02 min
Unconscious 05,05 min
6 Years 06,37 min
Defense (Part I) 04,38 min
Deep Dawn Resonance 07,39 min
1000 Junkies 06,56 min
Transmission 04,34 min
Defense (Part II) 06,10 min
Mutilate 05,56 min
Geschäftsfrau 04,52 min

Zentriert ins Antlitz - DE-Mutilated (CD2) Tracklist:

Geschäftsfrau (Excessive Rhythm Mix) 05,47 min
Prophecy (Neurotoxin Mix) 07,12 min
Gollum (Extended Club Mix) 05,27 min
Genozid (Time Pressure Mix) 05,40 min
Ultra Violent Ultra Skilled (Dub Version) 05,24 min
Interface 05,46 min
Undara 06,36 min
Evolution 04,08 min
Ketamine 04,13 min
Prophecy (Unreleased Original Version) 04,50 min

Download the DE-Mutilator V1 to extract CD2
from your Original "Zentriert ins Antlitz - Mutilate" AudioCD
Manual DE-Mutilator - German - English

ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ - PROZIUM (Cop International) 2004

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Prozium - Tracklist:

Ultra Violent Ultra Skilled (Club Mix) 04,47 min
Chainreaction Part I 04,10 min
Svarnetik 06,55 min
Prophecy (Extended Club Mix) 05,13 min
Microbial (Elektronendämmerung Kapitel II) 09,40 min
Third War 06,19 min
Un nouveau début 06,11 min
Ultra Violent Ultra Skilled 06,11 min
Emotion Dampening Tranquilizer 02,37 min
Contact 09,15 min
Gollum 03,13

ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ - GENOZID (Cop International) 2003

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Genozid - Tracklist:

... eine Kopie 03,42 min
Try to escape 03,23 min
Ob die Engel auch Beine haben 03,42 min
Nuklear Haze 04,24 min
Dark Ritual 06,08 min
Elemental Parts 03,29 min
Genozid (My Virus Club Mix) 05,32 min
Elektronendämmerung 09,02 min
Die Schampulermaschine 05,00 min
Define Tracing 04,97 min
Motion Tracker 06,11 min
Genozid (Bonus Track) 06,54 min

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Genozid The Lost Tracks FREE DOWNLOAD
Ghosts 05:26 min
Paranormal 05:43 min
System Requirement 04:09 min (Dub Version)
System Requirement 05:32 min
Thermal Compound 03:53 min


Zentriert ins Antlitz
Oswald-Greb-Str. 5
42859 Remscheid

Marc Friedrich, Jürgen Warkentin, Oliver Wähner, Holger Meuler