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Last Update 2023.08.18

"Zentriert ins Antlitz" returns as "E.M.I.T.R" in 2023
(for detailed release information go to our publications site)
Lossless Promotion Request and Promotion Info (PDF)

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Available as "High Res Studio Master" - "Lossless Audio" or quality of your choice.
10th August 2023 - 12 Track Lonplayer - 1h 40,48 min

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10th August 2023 - 2 Track Remixed - 17,28 min

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18th August 2023 - Remixed - 08,15 min

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10th August 2023 - 2 Track Remixed - 17,24 min

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18th August 2023 - E.M.I.T.R Random Drops - 4 Track EP - over 40 min

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NEWS 30.05.2019
New Dune Explorer ICON-SET for 4K-UHD Movies and the New 4K Dune Devices
New Dune Explorer 4K Black Steel Template for your HDD
Dune Explorer 2.2 is compatible with Windows 10

NEWS Feb.2019

Download Section UPDATE
Zentriert ins Antlitz - la dérive au large (24bit96khz Remastered Crossfade Image 2003-2007)
Zentriert ins Antlitz - Diametral (24bit48khz Remastered 2006-2007)

ZIA Visual - Youtube Channel Updated

All Zentriert ins Antlitz, Innovation Reality and E.M.I.T.R CDs will be uploaded as Music CDs
Some CDs are also available as "Remastered Editions"
at Youtube and as soon as possible at our Download Section.

Eine Kurzinformation / A Short Info
Das hier angebotene T-Shirt (Design) hat nichts mit uns zu tun.
(This offer has nothing to do with us.)
www.spreadshirt.de "Zentriert ins Antlitz" T-Shirt

NEWS June 2017
To shorten the waiting Time we have a Gift for all our Fans.
"Zentriert ins Antlitz - A Part Of Regression" 36,25min EP

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Regression

DOWNLOAD as 24bit 96khz FLAC Studio Master - A Part Of Regression

Always under Construction - EP "Zentriert ins Antlitz - Regression"

Zentriert ins Antlitz - Regression

AUDIO PREVIEW - Regression

ZIA Music Tutorial for Beginners - "Drums and more (Vol.1)" Video-Clip

Watch at YouTube in HD at 1080p/720p (and lower Bitrate & Quality)

SOON - New E.M.I.T.R Song "This is E.M.I.T.R (only with Freeware)
incl. How to Video Tutorial (incl. Presets and Midi Data)

UPDATE - 12 February 2014 - Dune Explorer Final

NEWS - 26 October 2013
Something completely different. We now Support and offer you "DUNE EXPLORER 2.2"
From now you find at our Homepage all news and updates about Dune Explorer 2.2.
For more Information go to our DUNE EXPLORER V2.2 area. Dune Explorer 2.2 is Open Source Freeware and a further developed version of Dune Explorer 2.0.6 by tehashix
The Source Code Update comes as soon as possible.
Dune Explorer 2.2 runs under Open Software License 3.0

NEWS - 20 July 2013
We added some hide and show buttons for a better/smaller overview.
NEWS - 28 June 2013:

YouTube Video and HD-Downloads of our first Video-Clip by "Zentriert ins Antlitz - Visuals"
Go to our CD-Downloads Area.
Audio Preview Player added to the CD-Downloads Area.
You can also download a Android Online Live-Preview-Player APP
Condition: W-Lan or UMTS Connection
UPDATE - Complete Overview of all Releases at: www.discogs.com

Added for all 24bit/96khz Fans
E.M.I.T.R - COLLECTED (Remastered 2013) (24bit 96khz FLAC)

Information for all Sceptics:
The 24bit 96khz Remastered Editions are not simply upscaled!
The Mastering based on the Original "32bit [Float] 96khz WAV" DADD-Master.
NEWS - June 2013:

At first welcome to our new designed Homepage
Some things are gone and some things are new. We reduced the Homepage at this time to one International Language and the Overview to 4 Areas.
The "Start Page" with News, the "CD Page" with a release overview
The "Downloads Page" with all free downloads and
The "Graphic Page" with a simple overview of our Artwork.
All free offline downloads are "re-uploaded" to our server and also to the top File-Hoster
"Netload" and "Shareonline".To all Fans, feel free to mirror our downloads but we do not support more File-Hoster as the providers listed above.
Older Information for all Fans of "Innovation Reality" and "Navy CIS"
take a look at "Episode 95 "Bury Your Dead" (Season 05)"
Abby listens "Innovation Reality - Starstuff"
After some delay , OUT NOW !

and also new
ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ - NONALGO (12") (16bit 44.1khz FLAC) FREE-Download
and for all 24bit/96khz Fans
INNOVATION REALITY - DETECTED (Remastered 2013) (24bit 96khz FLAC)

Click the Button to read our complete explanation why we give you "Tearswitcher" for free!

Older News:
Zentriert ins Antlitz & E.M.I.T.R Music support for

"Zentriert ins Antlitz - No" SOLD-OUT Problem
Sorry if "...No" are temporarily "Sold Out" at your preferred shop but Tympanik pressed a second edition for all of you are empty handed.

October 2008
HighSpeed Links added for free CD Downloads at our Download Area!
Within the Release of "...No" and the temporary mergence of all our Projects you can download all old free releases like
"Innovation Reality - Detected" or "E.M.I.T.R - Seaside Shells" in Lossless FLAC!
Also some preview information about the De-Mutilator 2.0 for "...No" and a download link for the De-Mutilator 2.0 you can find in our PUBLICATIONS Area.

for more information about the "de-mutilator"
or questions about "creative commons" and digital rights enter our Download Area.


Zentriert ins Antlitz
Oswald-Greb-Str. 5
42859 Remscheid

Marc Friedrich, Jürgen Warkentin, Oliver Wähner, Holger Meuler